Making Toronto Rentals Easier

With a wealth of local knowledge and a dedication to personalized service, let me help you find the perfect rental match to suit your needs.

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Seamless Rental Solutions

Expert Guidance for Simplified Rentals

Renting out your property can be intricate and stressful. With my experience and genuine care, rest assured you're in the hands of a dedicated professional. I go beyond finding a tenant; my commitment is to find the right one and ensure a positive experience.

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Thorough Application Screening

Meticulous screening of all applications to ensure the selection of qualified tenants.

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Supporting Document Verification

Rigorous verification of employment records, credit reports, and past references for your peace of mind.

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Organized & Flexible Showings

Coordination of showings based on your schedule and preferences, making the process convenient for you.

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Detailed focused Lease Paperwork

Careful preparation of lease paperwork offering comprehensive protection for you, your property, and your rights as a landlord.

Why work with Tyson

With years of experience assisting landlords, I connect clients with high-quality tenants, alleviating the stress of managing the process independently. My core philosophy centres on finding tenants who genuinely respect and appreciate your home as much as you do. Let me guide you seamlessly through the rental journey. 

Expect swift delivery of detailed offers, applicant information, and a comprehensive analysis via email. We'll review the offers together, and I'll guide you through the entire proposal, providing insights into prospective tenants to ensure the perfect match.

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My Personal Guarantees

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Open Communication

When working with me you can expect open communication. Whether it's an email, text, or phone call, I commit to responding within 2 hours. Your inquiries are a priority, ensuring prompt and attentive communication throughout our collaboration.

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In Your Corner

Consider me the Robin to your Batman in real estate. Entrusting a stranger with a significant investment is no small feat, especially if it's your first time. I'll be there to address questions, offer support, and make your property management journey enjoyable and financially rewarding.

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Exceptional Service, Fair Pricing

Transparent business is my foundation. My service fee is a standard 1 month's rent plus HST, split equally between me and the tenant's agent. Beyond industry standards, I'm dedicated to delivering cost-effective, high-quality real estate experiences.

Client testimonials

From first time buyers to seasoned investors, I have had the pleasure to partner with many happy clients in their Toronto real estate journey.

"Working with Tyson to sell my condo has been an awesome experience. He is well versed in the market, and developed a strategy that worked to sell my condo for a great price in 2 weeks in this unfavourable market. Throughout the process, we were thoroughly impressed with his organization, communication, and support. Tyson provided regular updates on how the listing was doing, with infographics and everything, and always found the positives!

Even after the sale, Tyson followed up with next steps, and what to plan for and prepare. Tyson left no question unanswered and alleviated so much of the stress and uncertainty of selling by always keeping us informed and knowing what to expect.  He is honest and hard working and goes above and beyond for his clients. I will happily recommend Tyson to everyone!
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Taylor Pimento

"My finance and I just bought our first condo with Tyson and I cannot recommend him enough! We were given his contact from a friend who gave him a glowing recommendation but even with high expectation Tyson STILL managed to blow us away with how reliable, professional, and personable he was.

I came into my first real estate purchase with the understanding it would be stressful, however it wasn't when working with Tyson. He was kind and patient with us as first-time homebuyers, and took the time to understand our needs. He was always 10 steps ahead and looking out for our best interests, explained the process in a way that was very easy to understand, and brought great perspective when we were looking at prospective units. He also gave us countless recommendations for lawyers etc. If you are nervous about purchasing your first place I HIGHLY recommend Tyson -he's a charming and calming presence, but knows how toget you what you need!

Thanks Tyson! :)"
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Megan MacDonald

"Tyson has been our go-to real estate agent to help us find tenants for multiple units over the years and we truly can't thank him enough. He is reliable, efficient and honest and truly has our best interest in mind at all times. He is easy to talk to, an expert in his field and really listens to us. He keeps us informed, has excellent communication skills and is committed to his clients. We look forward to continue working with Tyson and highly recommend his services."
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Michael Wojtysiak

"Tyson helped us sell our condo and upgrade to a new house and he did it very smoothly and quickly. He is a very relaxed and easy going guy but don’t let that fool you, he is a shark with other agents and very serious when it comes to getting the deal done and representing our best interests. Very honest and genuine personality which if you’ve worked with some real estate agents you know is very rare. We loved working with him and would definitely recommend Tyson to others."
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"I worked with Tyson for over half a year to find the right home. Tyson is a upright guy, he tells it like it is, without bs. Always professional and helpful, highly recommended."
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Kuhan Wang

"Working with Tyson was really easy. It was our first home and he helped us a lot through the process. He is very knowledgable, always quick to respond and very patient. It took us awhile to find the right place but he never rushed us. I will definintely recommend him!
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Manuel Laorden

What you can expect

Beautiful and Comprehensive Marketing

Every property I list, whether for sale or lease, receives unwavering attention and a commitment to excellence. In sales, effective marketing and presentation are crucial to attract a broad audience of potential buyers.

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A dedicated personal website featuring detailed property features and neighbourhood guides.

A dedicated personal website featuring detailed property features and neighbourhood guides.

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Professional Full HD photography.

A dedicated personal website featuring detailed property features and neighbourhood guides.

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Floor plans with square footage measurement.

A dedicated personal website featuring detailed property features and neighbourhood guides.

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3D tours and virtual walkthroughs for a 24/7 open house experience.

A dedicated personal website featuring detailed property features and neighbourhood guides.

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Listing on MLS, Realtor, and various third-party rental websites (Facebook Marketplace, Padmapper, etc.).

A dedicated personal website featuring detailed property features and neighbourhood guides.


You've got questions. I've got answers.

How do I legally become a landlord in Ontario?

To become a landlord in Ontario, you need to follow legal requirements, including providing a standard lease agreement, adhering to the Residential Tenancies Act, and ensuring your property complies with health and safety standards.

What is the Residential Tenancies Act, and how does it affect me as a landlord?

The Residential Tenancies Act is Ontario's legislation governing landlord and tenant relationships. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of both parties, including rules for rent increases, maintenance, and dispute resolution.

What is the standard lease agreement, and is it mandatory?

The standard lease agreement is a legally required document for most residential tenancies in Ontario. It outlines essential terms and conditions, providing clarity for both landlords and tenants. Failure to use the standard lease may result in legal consequences.

Can I refuse to rent to someone with pets?

While landlords in Ontario can include a "no pets" clause in their leases, they cannot outright refuse to rent to someone with a service animal or evict after the fact. Additionally, if the property is a condominium, the Condominium Act's rules on pets may apply and if a condo building does not allow or has restrictions, it must be respected and adhered to.

How much can I increase the rent, and how often?

In Ontario, landlords can increase rent once every 12 months, following the guidelines set by the government. The increase is capped at the annual Rent Increase Guideline, which is based on the Consumer Price Index.

What rights do I have as a landlord regarding property access?

Landlords have the right to enter the rental unit for maintenance or inspections with 24 hours' notice, except in emergencies. Additionally, they can show the unit to prospective tenants during the last month of a tenancy with proper notice.

Can I evict a tenant without cause?

In Ontario, landlords cannot terminate a lease without cause. There are specific legal reasons for eviction, such as non-payment of rent or violating the terms of the lease. Proper notice and legal procedures must be followed.

What responsibilities do I have for property maintenance and repairs?

Landlords are responsible for maintaining the rental property in a good state of repair, meeting health and safety standards. They must address repairs promptly, ensuring the unit remains habitable.

Should I meet potential tenants in person?

I recommend a meeting before accepting an offer. Some clients find comfort in a meeting or interview with prospective tenants before finalizing the deal, and I wholeheartedly support that. Seeing a face behind the name can provide a better sense of the actual person, adding an extra layer of confidence to your decision-making process.

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to get in touch - I'm here to assist you every step of the way. Your inquiries matter, and I'm committed to providing the information and guidance you need.


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