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Let me guide you through the process of purchasing a home – an exciting milestone whether you're a first-time buyer or expanding your real estate portfolio. I'm here to help you every step of the way.

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Six essential steps in your home buying adventure

Working with me I will help guide you along the way, sharing my in-depth knowledge of the market, access to listings, scheduling and guiding you through showings and and perhaps most importantly, negotiate on your behalf, ensuring a smoother buying process.

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Define Your Goals & Budget

Take some time to determine what your wants and needs are for your new home such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, location, and any special amenities. At the same, assess your financial situation, determining how much you can comfortably spend. Gather tax info, credit history and any other financial statements you may have.

Research Neighbourhoods

The GTA has many different neighbourhoods that offer unique lifestyles, amenities and price ranges.  What do you want in your new neighbourhood? Make a list and research areas that align with your preferences, such as proximity to work, schools, entertainment, safety, and of course, budget. This step will help narrow down your search.

Book a Buyers Consultation

Now that you know what you want, it's time to tell me!  Book in a free buyers consultation with me so we can chat about about the market, your criteria,  go over any questions you may have and of course, how I can help. We can meet in-person over a cup of coffee, book in a call or meet over a video call.

Get Pre-approved

Before diving into your home search, securing a pre-approval for a mortgage is crucial. This step establishes a defined budget, streamlining your search and empowering you to focus in on properties within your preferred price range. This pivotal step lays the groundwork for a targeted, successful, and rewarding house-hunting process.

Start House Hunting

This is the fun part!  Together we'll start visiting homes that match your criteria. When touring homes, even though you may be excited it’s important to pay attention to important aspects such as the condition of the property, layout, and potential renovation needs. Don’t worry though, if you forget I’m always looking and will let you know!

Offer & Negotiations

Once we've found your perfect home, it’s time to make a deal happen. We'll craft a tailored offer using market analysis, past sales, and your desired price. I'll safeguard your interests by including protective measures like Home Inspections and Financial Conditions, ensuring a secure closing and a hassle-free transition.

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Buy a home

Finding your dream home

Embarking on the journey to find your dream home goes beyond a simple property hunt. It's about discovering a space that reflects your lifestyle, meets your needs, and sparks joy.  With a clear understanding of your preferences, budget, and ideal location, let's embark on this journey together. It all starts with a conversation. Reach out and book a free, informative and no-pressure buyers consultation.

Find an investment property

A Savvy Investment Partner

I recognize the importance of financial stability and building wealth for the future. Whether you're looking to invest in your first property or expand your real estate portfolio, I'll be your strategic partner in identifying lucrative opportunities and maximizing your return on investment

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My Values

Why buy with me?

Working with me you can expect a straightforward, dedicated, and stress-free home buying journey tailored to your needs and preferences.


You're Priority One

Your interests are my top priority. With a firm belief against multiple representations, your concerns become mine.I 'm committed solely to your needs, offering candid advice that keeps your best interests in mind.


Data-Driven Guidance

I thrive on numbers and leverage them to your advantage. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of every property's worth, ensuring you make informed decisions. My transparent guidance aims to help you make the best choices every step of the way.


Timely Communication

Keeping things simple is my style. Expect swift and timely responses and frequent updates ensuring you're consistently in the loop without any unnecessary delays.

Respectful of your Time

Your schedule matters. Whether it's evenings or weekends, I'll make it work. Before any visits, I'll check properties to save your valuable time. Lunch break preview? Let's do it!


Focused on Every Detail

I've got your back on the important stuff. While you focus on finding the perfect home, I'll handle the nitty-gritty. From checking the house's condition to making sure paperwork is flawless.


Negotiation Expertise

Negotiating the best deal for you is my forte. I'll secure the most favourable terms, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. Rest easy knowing your interests are well-advocated for during the negotiation process.


You’ve got questions.  
I’ve got answers.

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How much does a buyer agent cost?

Nada!  Real Estate agents get paid by the sellers via the commission they are offering on the listing so pay absolutely nothing.  It’s documented and you even get to sign, view and acknowledge what the seller is paying.

Do I need at least 20% for a down payment on my Mortgage?

Nope. While a 20% down payment has been a traditional benchmark in the real estate industry, it is not a strict requirement to buy a house. Many mortgage programs and lenders offer options with lower down payments.

This home is beautiful!  How can make sure the house I am interested in is structurally sound?

I always make sure to include a home inspection condition for all my buyers.  This conditions is for your protection and to ensure no unpleasant surprises down the road.

My offer was accepted with a home inspection condition. We did the inspection and the inspector found some problems.  What now?

Great question and really that depends on the what exactly was discovered and how big of an issue it is.  Depending on you we can report the problem back to the sellers and ask for am abatement or you can simply walk away.  Because the sale was conditional on a successful inspection you would receive your full deposit back.  

Some people have told me my offer is more appealing to a seller if I have no conditions.  Is that true?

Well, yes of course, that’s a sellers dream! That means that once the offer is accepted you are on hook and if you change your mind you will lose your deposit.  Having an offer with no conditions is popular when competing with other offers because it helps you stand out and shows the sellers that you mean business and don’t need any financing or security from a home inspection.  

Not every home has a competing offers so it really depends on the situation, how bad you want the home and what your individual situation is.  If there is no competition (and therefore no need) I will always advise to protect yourself with at least one condition.  

Some people have told me my offer is more appealing to a seller if I have no conditions.  Is that true?

Oh no, don’t do that!  If you waive your conditions the deal becomes “firm and binding” and your deposit is locked in.  It doesn’t matter the circumstances, it’s a legal contract you signed and unforutnaley it will be enforced by the sellers lawyer.  

Still have questions?

Don't hesitate to get in touch - I'm here to assist you every step of the way. Your inquiries matter, and I'm committed to providing the information and guidance you need.

Client testimonials

From first time buyers to seasoned investors, I have had the pleasure to partner with many happy clients in their Toronto real estate journey.

"Working with Tyson to sell my condo has been an awesome experience. He is well versed in the market, and developed a strategy that worked to sell my condo for a great price in 2 weeks in this unfavourable market. Throughout the process, we were thoroughly impressed with his organization, communication, and support. Tyson provided regular updates on how the listing was doing, with infographics and everything, and always found the positives!

Even after the sale, Tyson followed up with next steps, and what to plan for and prepare. Tyson left no question unanswered and alleviated so much of the stress and uncertainty of selling by always keeping us informed and knowing what to expect.  He is honest and hard working and goes above and beyond for his clients. I will happily recommend Tyson to everyone!
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Taylor Pimento

"My finance and I just bought our first condo with Tyson and I cannot recommend him enough! We were given his contact from a friend who gave him a glowing recommendation but even with high expectation Tyson STILL managed to blow us away with how reliable, professional, and personable he was.

I came into my first real estate purchase with the understanding it would be stressful, however it wasn't when working with Tyson. He was kind and patient with us as first-time homebuyers, and took the time to understand our needs. He was always 10 steps ahead and looking out for our best interests, explained the process in a way that was very easy to understand, and brought great perspective when we were looking at prospective units. He also gave us countless recommendations for lawyers etc. If you are nervous about purchasing your first place I HIGHLY recommend Tyson -he's a charming and calming presence, but knows how toget you what you need!

Thanks Tyson! :)"
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Megan MacDonald

"Tyson has been our go-to real estate agent to help us find tenants for multiple units over the years and we truly can't thank him enough. He is reliable, efficient and honest and truly has our best interest in mind at all times. He is easy to talk to, an expert in his field and really listens to us. He keeps us informed, has excellent communication skills and is committed to his clients. We look forward to continue working with Tyson and highly recommend his services."
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Michael Wojtysiak

"Tyson helped us sell our condo and upgrade to a new house and he did it very smoothly and quickly. He is a very relaxed and easy going guy but don’t let that fool you, he is a shark with other agents and very serious when it comes to getting the deal done and representing our best interests. Very honest and genuine personality which if you’ve worked with some real estate agents you know is very rare. We loved working with him and would definitely recommend Tyson to others."
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"I worked with Tyson for over half a year to find the right home. Tyson is a upright guy, he tells it like it is, without bs. Always professional and helpful, highly recommended."
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Kuhan Wang

"Working with Tyson was really easy. It was our first home and he helped us a lot through the process. He is very knowledgable, always quick to respond and very patient. It took us awhile to find the right place but he never rushed us. I will definintely recommend him!
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Manuel Laorden


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